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'All Through Obliging A Lady', music cover, London, England, 1882

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The song ‘All Through Obliging A Lady’ was written, composed and sung by Arthur Lloyd, one of the leading music hall and theatre stars of the second half of the 1800s. In helping a lady our hero has picked up a heavy cold and now sits forlornly at home. Made comfortable with a bandage around his head and his feet in a warm bowl of water, in front of him lies a wrapper for ‘Alcock’s Porous Plasters’. These plasters were a quack remedy which were claimed to "possess the power of accumulating electricity” and when stuck on to a patient’s body caused “pain and morbid action to cease”.

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Glossary: advertisement

A public notice or announcement especially one advertising goods or services in newspapers, on posters, or in broadcasts

Glossary: sheet music cover

cover for sheet music

Glossary: song

Musical compositions, generally short, containing words. Colloquially, the term song has come to be applied to any short compositions with or without words. This is considered incorrect in the genres of jazz, brass band, classical and popular music.

Glossary: comedy

a play, film, etc., of an amusing or satirical character, usually with a happy ending. The traditional theatrical genre can be simply described as a dramatic performance which pits two societies against each other in an amusing agon or conflict. However, in modern times the term has adopted a popular connotation associated with a variety of different media that proports to make others amused.