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Trade card for W H Halse's portable galvanic apparatus, London, England, 1846-1855

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Electrotherapy was a popular treatment for a wide range of illnesses in the 1800s. William Hooper Halse, whose electrotherapy machine is advertised here, proclaimed himself a ‘Professor of Medical Galvanism’. He worked in London at 22 Brunswick Square, the address on the dial, from 1846-1855.

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    Glossary: trade card

    Printed sheets, and later cards, bearing tradesmen's advertisements, often including an engraved illustration; produced from the 17th through the 19th century. Cards made later often included the name and address of a business concern and the name of its representative, and intended more for information than for advertising, use "business cards." For cards made later and distributed for advertisement, use "advertising cards," and for those made later and issued primarily to be collected, with or without advertisements on them, use "collecting cards."

    Glossary: electrotherapy

    The passing of electric currents through the body's tissues to stimulate the functioning of nerves and the muscles.

    Glossary: galvanism

    Any form of medical treatment that uses electricity.