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Fennings' Children's Cooling Powders, England, 1940-1970

Fennings' Children's Cooling Powders were intended for children with mild fevers and babies experiencing teething trouble. The powder was diluted with water before use. The packaging was intended to be very eye catching, especially when placed in a pharmacy with hundreds of other products. The packages of powders form the doorway and cost 1d each. Alfred Fennings (d. 1900) opened his first shop in 1840 in London. Highly adept at advertising and marketing, he went on to create a very successful business. He produced a range of products which became popular ‘over the counter’ medicines bought by generations of shoppers. Although Fennings cooling powders are still sold today, some of his earlier claims – including a cure for cholera – were highly dubious. On his death, trustees took over the running of the business and the profits went to a children’s charity.

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Glossary: display pack

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Glossary: teething

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Glossary: Fennings' product

Alfred Fennings opened a pharmacy in London in 1840 which sold treatments for serious illnesses. A ‘Fennings product’ is from this company, which distributed its wares across Britain.

Glossary: fever

A rise in body temperature above normal. Fever usually occurs as a natural response to infection.