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Brown glass bottle with carton of 'sulphamezathine' antibiotic, Brazil, 1950-1960

This bottle contains tablets of a sulphonamide made from a preparation called sulphamezathine. Sulphonamides were the first type of antibacterial drugs to be developed and were used to treat infections such as pneumonia. The packaging assures the buyer that the tablets are suitable for children. ICI Brazil Quimica Ltd, who made this product, was one of the international subsidiary companies of Imperial Chemical Industries.

Object number:

1976-630 Pt8


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    Antibacterial drugs used to treat diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia, derived from sulphanilamide

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    Inflammation of the lungs caused by bacteria. The air sacs (alveoli) become filled with inflammatory cells and the lungs eventually become solid.

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    A substance that is used to treat infections.