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Jar of 'Domolene' ointment, London, England, 1945-1965

The advertisement on the packaging of this product promises that the ‘miracle ointment’ will cure spots, pimples, scratches, skin irritations and boils on the skin in just one night. The manufacturer also promised that the cream would save the user from blood poisoning. The lurid pink ointment could be purchased from chemists or ordered directly from the makers. Domolene is one of the many trade names for products that contain hydrocortisone – a steroid hormone which is naturally produced in the body. First introduced in the mid-twentieth century, it is used to treat a number of medical conditions and is widely used in skin care products.

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Glossary: unguent

No description.

Glossary: acne

A disorder of the skin in which the glands producing oily matter become inflamed. It is characterized by blackheads, pustules and even scars. There are a number of treatments available. Acne particularly affects teenagers.

Glossary: blood poisoning

The damage caused from absorbing harmful bacteria and toxins from the bloodstream.