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Commemorative booklet for banquet honouring Joseph Lister, England, 1897

In 1897, the pioneering surgeon Joseph Lister was raised to the peerage as Baron Lister of Lyme Regis and a banquet was given in his honour on 26 May that year. Inside this 20-page booklet are the names of all the surgeons and other staff at the three hospitals where Lister worked. The hospitals listed were: Royal Infirmary Glasgow 1861-1869 (where Lister pioneered his ideas of antisepsis.) Edinburgh Royal Infirmary 1869-1877 King’s College Hospital, London 1877-1893. The coats of arms of the hospitals can be seen on the front cover. The booklet was donated to the Wellcome collections by Sir St Clair Thomson (1859-1943), a laryngologist who was present at the banquet.

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Glossary: booklet

Small book consisting of a few sheets that are glued, stitched or stapled together between thin card or paper covers.

Glossary: commemorative

Use for items produced, issued, or worn to commemorate a person, event, or occasion. For structures erected to preserve the memory of persons or events, use "memorials."

Glossary: antisepsis

The practice of using antiseptic drugs to eliminate harmful micro-organisms.