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Sample pack of Tofranil capsules to treat depression, England, 1970-1977

‘Tofranil’ is the trade name for one of the most successful anti-depressant drugs to come on to the market. It was launched in 1958 in Switzerland and in the USA in 1959. Made by the pharmaceutical company Geigy, the drug is used to stimulate the mind of a person experiencing clinical depression. The potential side effects of the drug are blurred vision, constipation, sweating and a dry mouth. Tofranil is still prescribed today by physicians.

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Glossary: carton

Cardboard or plastic boxes used typically for storage or shipping, especially those which are relatively small and that when filled with merchandise are enclosed in a larger or stronger container for transport.

Glossary: depression

A mental state associated with acute sadness. Activity can be decreased, especially interaction with others, and sleep, appetite, and concentration can also be disturbed.

Glossary: antidepressant

No description.