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O'Dwyer-type intubation set, France, 1882-1900

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Glossary: intubation

The insertion of a tube into a body canal or hollow organ, as into the trachea or stomach

Glossary: mouth gag

device for preventing the mouth from being closed which permits the passage of the hand or an easily damaged piece of equipment such as a rubber stomach tube.

Glossary: larynx

An organ in the neck of mammals involved in protection of the trachea (windpipe) and sound production.

Glossary: forceps

A pliers-like medical instrument used to grasp tissue.

Glossary: diphtheria

An acute highly contagious infection, generally affecting the throat but occasionally other mucous membranes and the skin. Diphtheria has been largely eradicated due to world-wide vaccination efforts.

Glossary: intubation set

set of instruments used for intubation - the placement of a tube into an external orafice of the body.