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Terracotta plaque showing an operation in the 1500s, Germany, 1701-1900

This terracotta plaque shows a scene in a tavern where a man is performing surgery on another man’s hand. The other men sitting around the table playing cards and listening to a hurdy-gurdy appear unaware of the activities occurring at the other end of the table. This type of scene was probably a common occurrence. This plaque may have been hung at a barber-surgeon’s shop or it might be a commemorative piece.

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Glossary: commemorative

Use for items produced, issued, or worn to commemorate a person, event, or occasion. For structures erected to preserve the memory of persons or events, use "memorials."

Glossary: plaque

An ornamental tablet of metal, porcelain etc that depicts a person, scene or inscription. Often fixed to a building in commemoration of a person or notable historical occurence.