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Trial pack of 'Tandem IQ' multivitamins, London, 1989-1991

The name Tandem IQ (Ideal Quota) is another play on words suggesting the product’s ability to boost IQ. One multivitamin was to be taken every day after a meal. The inscription on the carton mentions that the same multivitamins were used in the Darland High School Nutritional Supplementation and IQ trial. To advertise the fact on the box suggests that the manufacturers saw the trial as a success. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support the claim that vitamin and mineral supplements boost IQ. The packet is shown with 'Junior Vitachieve' multivitamins (1991-244/2).

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Glossary: mineral

In nutrition, naturally occuring substances that are an important dietary element

Glossary: multivitamin

A mixture of many vitamins, often taken in pill form.

Glossary: vitamin

A group of substances needed, in small amounts, for healthy growth and development.