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Louis Pasteur's visiting card, France, 1888-1896

This visiting card was owned and used by Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), a French microbiologist. The card reads: “Louis Pasteur Membre de l’Institut, Ecole Normale, rue d’Ulm. 45.” The card would have been given out when Pasteur was on a formal visit. The “Ecole Normale” is the Ècole Normale Supérieure in France where Pasteur began his education, and where he in-termittently taught before being appointed director of scientific studies in 1856.

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Glossary: visiting card

Small cards bearing the name, and sometimes the address of a person or married couple for presentation, as when formally calling or visiting.

Glossary: rabies

Rabies is a disease which infects domestic and wild animals. It is a virus transmitted to other animals and humans through close contact with saliva from those infected (i.e. bites, scratches, licks on broken skin). Once symptoms of the disease develop, rabies is fatal.

Glossary: fermentation

A form of anaerobic respiration (respiration that does not need oxygen) occurring in certain micro-organisms, for example yeasts.