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The Australian and New Zealand Vitamin Decoder, Australia, 1991-1995

Vitamins and minerals cannot be made by the body so have to be included as part of a healthy and balanced diet. A series of coloured wheels gives information on eighteen different vitamins and minerals, their natural sources, functions, recommended daily allowance (RDA) and the effects of exceeding this limit. For instance, folic acid is found in leafy green vegetables and liver and is recommended for pregnant women to help prevent spina bifida and malformations of the foetus. The decoder could be purchased in health stores.

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Glossary: mineral

In nutrition, naturally occuring substances that are an important dietary element

Glossary: chart - graphic document

A tabular or graphic representation of a fluctuating or dependent variable, such as magnitude, temperature, cost, etc.

Glossary: anaemia

A shortage of haemoglobin (the pigment carrying oxygen in red blood cells). Symptoms include weakness, pale skin, breathlessness, faintness, palpitations, and lowered resistance to infection.

Glossary: vitamin

A group of substances needed, in small amounts, for healthy growth and development.

Glossary: spina bifida

A defect in which a newborn baby has part of the spinal cord, and its coverings, exposed through a gap in the backbone.