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Board game used for health education, England, 1992

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The aim of this game is to encourage young people to talk and learn about sexual health in an engaging way. Playing games is a way to allow people to talk openly about topics such as sexual health, which some may find difficult or embarrassing. Game playing also allows people to get involved regardless of how well they can read or write. Players are asked questions such as “What should you do if you know some-one who has AIDS?” The board shows cartoon figures acting both with kindness and with hatred, two typical but opposite responses to sexually transmitted infections. The game is made by TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Costs), founded in 1965 by Professor David Morley to distribute teaching aids to improve health care worldwide.

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Glossary: sexually transmitted infection

Any disease transmitted by sexual intercourse. STIs include HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea, some chlamydia infections and genital herpes.

Glossary: diseases of poverty

A phrase that refers to diseases that are seen to be more common in conditions of poverty. They are often contagious and can be associated with overcrowding, malnutrition or environmental and industrial factors. Three major diseases of poverty are AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Glossary: board game - game set

No description.