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Bottle of 'DNA' eau de parfum, United States, 1993

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Bijan, an American fashion designer, brought out ‘DNA’ perfume in the early 1990s. The bottle is shaped to mimic the double helix – the shape of DNA. The accompanying advertising showed Bijan (b. 1944) with his son and daughter and the caption read “DNA…it’s the reason you have your father’s eyes, your mother’s smile”.

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Glossary: perfume

No description.

Glossary: DNA

DNA stores the information, or blueprints, of every cell and is located in the genes. It is made up of two strands which form a double helix that is linked by hydrogen bonds. It was first described in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson.

Glossary: double helix

The name for the shape of two strands of DNA when bound together into a twisted helix.