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Gas mask for horses, Germany, 1914-1918

Horses were used extensively during the First World War, being called on to perform tasks such as pulling ambulances full of wounded men or moving heavy artillery pieces. Gas warfare was first used by the German Army in 1915 – although quite soon after both sides were using it. Protective equipment was slowly developed for both men and horses. This gas mask was designed to fit over the horse’s nose. The Germans actually developed several types of gas masks for horses, and even one for dogs. This gas mask was found at a German equipment dump in Rozières, France, in August 1918 by the British Army.

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    Glossary: gas mask

    A respirator that contains a chemical air filter and is worn over the face as protection against toxic gases and aerosols

    Glossary: ambulance

    A vehicle used for taking people to and from hospital for treatment, particularly in emergencies.