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Stuffed lizard, Europe, 1801-1900

Stuffed lizards were often to be found hanging from the ceilings of barber-surgeons’ premises. They appear to have been symbols associated with the profession. Barber-surgeons and apothecaries were close professions and the latter also had similar creatures on display in their premises.

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Glossary: lizard

A broad group of reptile found on every continent; there are 20 families, c.3000 species. Most lizards have four limbs, external ears, and a tail. Many lizards can shed their tails in order to escape from predators, although this trait is not universal. Vision, including color vision, is particularly well developed in lizards, and most communicate with body language or bright colors on their bodies as well as via pheromones.

Glossary: salamander

A type of amphibian found worldwide, except in Australia and the polar regions. It has an elongated body, a long tail and short legs.

Glossary: apothecary

A term used until about 1800 to describe someone who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes. Today the term ‘pharmacist’ or ‘pharmaceutical chemist’ is used instead.