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Brass pessary mould, London, England, 1901-1918

A pessary can be one of three things: a device to support the vagina or rectum; a form of contraception; or a medical treatment. This mould was used to make twelve medicated pessaries. The heated mixture was poured into moulds and cooled. The mould would be opened and the pessaries popped out, packaged and sold. The pessary was inserted, as a type of suppository, into the vagina to treat vaginal infections. A mixture of the drug would be mixed in with a base, which would melt at body temperature so the drug could be absorbed into the body.

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Glossary: pessary mould

No description.

Glossary: contraception

The use of methods and techniques to prevent pregnancy from sex.

Glossary: pessary

An object placed in the vagina and used to deliver medicine, as a contraceptive or as a muscle support.

Glossary: suppository

A drug that is inserted into the rectum, vagina or urethra, where it dissolves.