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Badge for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Institute for Nurses, England, 1887-1925

Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Institute for Nurses was set up and named after Queen Victoria (1819-1901) during her Golden Jubilee in 1887, with the support of Florence Nightingale. The Institute provided funding to train and support district nurses. The name changed to the Queen’s Institute for District Nursing in 1925 when Queen Mary became patron. It is now known as the Queen’s Nursing Institute.

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    Glossary: nursing

    The study and practice of caring for and waiting on the sick, injured, or others unable to look after themselves or to deal with their specific medical needs.

    Glossary: badge

    Objects bearing special or distinctive marks, tokens, or devices signifying membership, allegiance, authority, or qualification; usually worn on the person.

    Glossary: district nurse

    In Britain, a nurse who is specifically trained to treat patients in their home.