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Silver medicine spoon, Europe, 1701-1900

This spoon was designed to help give patients their medicine more easily and may also have been used for feeding. The spoon is half covered to prevent liquid spilling out while it is being poured into the mouth through the end hole. It may also have helped by preventing the patient from getting too close a look at any medicine they were about to take. This spoon is punched with the words “PRACTICAL KIDDICRAFT”, which may be a maker’s name and also suggests that the spoon was intended to be used for children.

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Glossary: nursing

The study and practice of caring for and waiting on the sick, injured, or others unable to look after themselves or to deal with their specific medical needs.

Glossary: spoon

A utensil consiting of an oval or round end-piece (bowl) and a handle for conveying food, especially liquid, to the mouth, or employed in the culinary preparation of this.

Glossary: medicine spoon

No description.