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The compound microscope was essential to the development of haematology as a discipline. Under the microscope the structure of the blood and marrow were revealed. This microscope was made by Robert B Tolles (1822-53) of the Boston Op-tical Works whose name is engraved on to the body tube. Tolles formed the Boston Optical Works with Charles Stodder in 1867; the partnership dissolved in 1871. This microscope was sold by Charles Stodder to English lawyer and microscopist Sir Frank Crisp (1843-1919), who collected microscopes and used them in his research.

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Glossary: monocular microscope

Microscope with a single viewing eyepiece, as distinct from binocular or stereomicroscopes. It should be noted that monocular microscopes can be fitted with a binocular eyepiece to give pseudo-stereo views

Glossary: compound microscope

Microscope with multiple optical elements (lenses/mirrors). It has two microscopes in series, the first serving as the ocular lens (close to the eye) and the second serving as the objective lens (close to the object to be viewed).

Glossary: haematology

The study of the structure of the blood and blood forming tissues.