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Measles is Misery', measles vaccination, United Kingdom, 1987-1999

Measles is an infectious virus which spreads through direct contact with an infected person or by droplets from their coughs and sneezes. It is an example of the Second World War motto ‘Coughs and sneezes spread diseases!’. Commonly affecting children between the ages of one and four, measles causes a fever, coughing and a distinctive red rash. It can also kill. Once recovered, a person has life-long immunity from the disease. Measles vaccination was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1968.

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    Glossary: poster

    Notice, usually printed on paper, intended to be posted to advertise, promote, or publicise an activity, cause, product, or service; also, decorative, mass-produced prints intended for hanging.

    Glossary: vaccination

    The introduction of vaccine into the body for the purpose of inducing immunity. Coined originally to apply to the injection of smallpox vaccine, the term has come to mean any immunising procedure in which vaccine is injected.

    Glossary: measles

    Disease caused by a virus most commonly found in children. Measles is spread through airborne fluids. In roughly the last 150 years, measles has been estimated to have killed 200 million people worldwide.