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1988-550/1 Pt 6|1988-550|1988-550/1

At the time Henry Wellcome purchased this antelope horn at auction in 1932, it was reported to have been used by a ‘powerful medicine man’ in Nigeria to heal and ward off disease. The human jaw bone wired to the horn was said to increase the power of the amulet.

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Glossary: human remains

term created as part of the NMSI human remains policy (from April 2007); Other terms used are 'blood' and 'human hair'

Glossary: horn

A hard, projecting, and usually pointed organ, growing upon the heads of certain animals, especially. Of the ruminants, as cattle, goats, and the like. The hollow horns of the Ox family consist externally of true horn, and are never shed.

Glossary: medicine man

No description.