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Rosary and crucifix votive offering, Ireland, 1900-1930

Found at St Kieran’s Well in Clareen, Offaly, Ireland, this rag wrapped around a twig was left in the hope of receiving a cure for an illness – the well was believed to have healing properties. Prayers would have been made before the rosary was left at the well – usually tied with others to the branches of a nearby tree, which became known as a fairy tree. It is shown here with a rag and a twig (A95427), other items found at the well.

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Glossary: crucifix

No description.

Glossary: votive offering

Objects or monuments donated by an individual for a public place or shrine. The object is usually given in gratitude for deliverance from distress.

Glossary: rosary

A string of beads (usually between five and fifteen) on which prayers are counted. Rosaries are usually worn and used by Catholics.