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Binaural electronic stethoscope, Berlin, Germany, 1978

The stethoscope is used on the chest or another part of the body to listen to organs such as the heart or lungs. The sounds that are heard can be used to help diagnose the patient’s problem. Bosch, the makers of this electronic stethoscope, claimed it was an innovative product allowing a greater range of sounds within the chest to be heard. The sounds could also be amplified up to one hundred times, which would improve the accuracy of diagnosis. The stethoscope could also be connected to a display unit to produce graphical representations.

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Glossary: cardiovascular

No description.

Glossary: stethoscope

A device which is used to listen to sounds produced by the human body. Ordinarily a stethoscope consists of rubber tubing in the shape of a Y.

Glossary: binaural stethoscope

A device used to listen to the sounds produced by the human body. Ordinarily consists of rubber tubing in a Y shape. ‘Binaural’ indicates that it is used with both ears.

Glossary: clinical diagnosis

A diagnosis given based on the signs and symptoms of a disease.

Glossary: ausculation

Listening to the sounds of the body such as the heart or chest either with the ear or a stethoscope to diagnose medical problems.