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Glucometer, London, England, 1885-1936

This glucometer or sacchrometer is a type of hydrometer used to estimate the sugar content of a solution. The presence of sugar in a patient's urine is a sign of diabetes. This glucometer was made and invented by Joseph Long, a scientific instrument maker based in London.

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Glossary: hydrometer

A hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids; that is, the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water. A hydrometer is usually cylindrical and made from glass.

Glossary: diabetes

This term refers to any form of metabolic disorder characterized by extreme thirst and excess urine production.

Glossary: glucometer

A medical device used to calculate the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. It is commonly used by people with diabetes for home diagnosis and treatment.

Glossary: saccharometer

No description.