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Earthenware juglet, Cyprus, 1600-1400 BCE

The small size of this earthenware juglet, measuring just 140 mm high, indicates that it was used for an expensive liquid. The shape of the jug is similar to the shape of an opium poppy. Cyprus, where this jug was made, was the main exporter of opium at this time. Opium was dissolved in wine, which made it easier to transport and meant it could be traded secretly. It is a narcotic drug used to induce sleep and give pain relief and was also used recreationally for a ‘high’. It is very addictive.

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Glossary: juglet

No description.

Glossary: opium

A drug derived from the opium poppy. It has been used to cause sleep and provide pain relief for many centuries.

Glossary: narcotic

A term used to describe any drug that can dull the senses or cause numbness. In the USA the term is applied to all drugs that are classified as illegal.