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Human skeleton, England, 1980

Skeletons such as these have typically been used as teaching aids for nursing and medical students since the 1800s. The skeleton is complete but the joints are made from stainless steel. This allows all the joints of the skeleton to be fully articulated. Skeletons remain a familiar feature of medical training, but these days they tend to be plastic replicas rather than the real thing.

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Glossary: human remains

term created as part of the NMSI human remains policy (from April 2007); Other terms used are 'blood' and 'human hair'

Glossary: skeleton

The bones or bony framework of an animal body considered as a whole; also, more generally, the harder (supporting or covering) constituent part of an animal organism.

Glossary: teaching aid

A tool used by teachers, facilitators, or tutors to help learners improve reading and other skills,or to illustrate or reinforce a skill, fact, or idea. They can often combat anxiety or boredom, as many teaching aids are like games.

Glossary: anatomy

A branch of medical science concerned with the structure of living organisms.

Glossary: articulated

Something that has two or more sections linked by a flexible joint.