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Bronze prize medal awarded by the Pharmaceutical Society, London, England, 1841

This medal was awarded as a prize by the Pharmaceutical Society, later called the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. The society was formed in 1841 to bring all the chemists and druggists into one group to share research, ideas and form a professional identity. The reverse of the medal shows a portrait of Galen. Including such a famous figure may have been a way to claim a history and a heritage for the newly formed society. The medal was designed by William Wyon (1795-1851), a British artist and medal maker.

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Glossary: medal

Small pieces of metal, usually gold, silver, or bronze, bearing a relief design on one or both sides and having a commemorative purpose; not used as a medium of exchange. Medals may also be created to commemorate individuals or events or even as works of artistic expression in their own right.