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Invitation to the opening of Crossness Pumping Station, London, England, 1860-1865

The pumping station at Crossness was part of a larger plan to divert sewage away from the River Thames, which had become heavily polluted and was regarded as a major public health problem. It was one of four pumping stations built for this purpose. Central to the overall plan was the 82 miles of main drainage sewers constructed underneath the streets of London. The opening of Crossness was a prestigious affair with many guests of honour, including the Prince of Wales. It was seen as a reflection of the engineering skills of the United Kingdom. Sir Joseph William Bazalgette (1819-91) was the chief public health engineer on the project, which was run by the Metropolitan Board of Works (MBW). The MBW was formed in 1855 as the principal local government for London after the Great Stink of the River Thames made life unbearable.

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