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Disposable lavatory seat covers, France, 1860-1930

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This pack of thirty flushable toilet seat covers was designed for use in the public toilets of Paris. They were intended to protect the user from germs or bacteria and probably appealed to genteel men and women keen to avoid indirect contact with their less hygiene-minded fellow citizens. Instructions in French are also translated into English and German. The brand name is ‘L’ Anticontact’, which suitably describes the product’s use. It is thought that ‘L’ Anticontact’ was made by Hachette Ainé of Paris, who manufactured toilet paper and other accessories.

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Glossary: lavatory seat cover

Covers used to place over public toilet seats for personal hygiene.

Glossary: hygiene

The science of health and how to maintain it. A condition or practice which promotes good health. The definition varies widely and differs across cultures.