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‘Oculist’ is an old term for an ophthalmologist – a physician who specialises in treating the eyes. This ancient stamp would have been used on medical preparations to guarantee their quality and to prove they were not fakes. The inscriptions on each side give us the name of the oculist, “Eugenius”, and the preparation’s name and use. “Chloron” is a green salve used for eye complaints and was made from egg whites. “Diarhodon” was used to treat inflammation. This stone stamp was excavated from the bed of the Moselle river in Trier, Germany on 22 November 1875.

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Glossary: stamp

Instruments for stamping, such as dies or tools for impressing or marking a design or pattern on metal, paper, or other soft or absorbent material.

Glossary: inflammation

The body’s response to injury. An inflammation is marked by redness, heat, pain, swelling, and often loss of function. The process leads to the elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue.