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Kit for DNA sequencing, Europe, 1987

M13 is a bacteriophage – a virus that infects certain types of bacteria – which contains a single strand of DNA. Sold for laboratory use only, this now inactive M13 kit was used for DNA or gene sequencing. This technique is used by scientists studying DNA to determine the order of base pairs (adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine). These pairings establish which amino acids are produced in the body. The kit was made by Amersham International plc.

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Glossary: DNA

DNA stores the information, or blueprints, of every cell and is located in the genes. It is made up of two strands which form a double helix that is linked by hydrogen bonds. It was first described in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson.

Glossary: bacteria

Micro-organisms which can cause disease but have an important role in global ecology.

Glossary: gene

Part of the nucleus of a cell that determines how our bodies function. Genes are passed from parents to children.

Glossary: DNA analyser

Laboratory equipment for anaylsing DNA