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Sixty capsules of melatonin, a natural hormone, United States, 1999

Sixty capsules of melatonin, a natural hormone, United States, 1999

Credits: Science Museum

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced in the brains of many species of animals. It is an important chemical, responsible for the regulation of the ‘body clock’. The makers of this product intended it as an aid to improve sleep or to be taken by travellers to prevent jet lag. There are some claims that melatonin can act as an anti-ageing treatment. The product is not sold over the counter in United Kingdom and this example was purchased from Olympia Nutrition, an American company who supply supplements.

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Glossary: container - receptacle

Receptacles or formed or flexible coverings designed to hold, store, or ship objects or substances.

Glossary: bottle

Vessels having a neck and mouth considerably narrower than the body, used for packaging and containing liquid and dry preparations

Glossary: hormone

A substance produced in one part of the body which passes into the bloodstream and is then carried to other (distant) organs or tissues, where it acts to modify their structure or function