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  • x-ray accessory

    A term that can be applied to any of the accessories needed to safely complete an X-ray scan. These can include: units for processing the X-ray pictures; equipment to protect the person taking the photo from radiation; aids to help the taker correctly position the X-ray machine.

  • X-ray camera

    Specialised equipment for taking X-ray images.

  • x-ray crystallography

    The method of using X-rays to discover the molecular structure of crystals. It relies on X-ray diffraction, which is the information gained by studying the pattern produced by the scattering of an X-ray beam as it hits the atomic structure of a crystal.

  • x-ray machine

    An X-ray machine is a device used by radiographers to acquire an x-ray image. They are used in various fields, notably medicine and security.

  • x-ray photograph

    An internal image of the body that is produced by exposing a photographic plate to X-rays.

  • x-ray telescope

    A telescope that collects X-rays using grazing incidence mirrors (nested cylindrical shallow mirrors) that deflect X-ray at very low angles and detect them using suitable detectors.

  • x-ray tube

    The part of an X-ray machine that produces X-rays. The tube itself operates under vacuum conditions.

  • x-rays

    A wave of electromagnetic radiation that has high energy and short wavelength. It is able to pass through many materials, except those of high density such as metals or bones. Discovered in 1895 by William Roentgen.