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  • voidmeter

    A device for measuring the empty space underneath a sleeper.

  • Voltaic pile

    The first battery, consisting of a number of cells (made from zinc and copper) joined in series. Invented by Alessandro Volta in 1880.

  • voltmeter

    Calibrated instruments for measuring differences in electrical potential; usually graduated in volts.

  • volunteering

    Undertaking or offering to undertake, of one's own free will and without compensation, service to others or to some cause or institution, especially in a community context.

  • volvelle

    Use for any of various reckoning devices consisting of movable discs surmounted by or carrying other graduated or figured circles for calculating, for example, phases of the moon, the time of the rising or setting sun, or the times of the tides; usually made of paper, cardboard, or vellum and often found preprinted in or attached to manuscripts or books of the 13th to the 16th century.

  • vomit bowl

    used by patients in hospitals to vomit into

  • votive child

    An image of child or children used as a votive offering

  • votive face

    An image of a face or faces used as a votive offering

  • votive figure

    An image of a object used as a votive offering

  • votive head

    An image of a head used as a votive offering

  • votive mother

    An image of mother used as a votive offering

  • votive offering

    Objects or monuments donated by an individual for a public place or shrine. The object is usually given in gratitude for deliverance from distress.

  • vouchers

    Documents serving as evidence or proof, specifically, a receipt or statement attesting to the expenditure or receipt of money, usually accompanied by bills or other evidence of indebtedness or expenditure. ICA.

  • vulcanisation

    The process of treating rubber or rubber-like materials with sulphur at high temperatures. This is to either improve strength and elasticity or to harden.

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