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  • ticket issuing machine

    A machine for issuing tickets from blank paper or card roll; may be conductor/guard operated.

  • ticket issuing machine component

    Components for a machine for issuing tickets from blank paper or card roll.

  • ticket nipper

    A hand-held device for cancelling tickets by removal of a small section of the ticket.

  • ticket nippers

    A hand-held device for cancelling tickets.

  • ticket rack

    A device for retaining tickets in order for easy removal and ensuring tickets are not issued out of sequence.

  • ticket wallet

    A device used by passengers, usually given by the railway operator for retaining season ticket, travelcard or pass.

  • tide gauge

    An instrument or device to measure the rise and fall of the tides

  • tie pin

    Pin that directly tacks a pin onto a shirt.

  • tile

    Flat, solid, and relatively thin durable material generally used for roofing, flooring, or wall and ceiling covering; often rectangular or squarish in shape. For fired clay materials of varying shapes and thicknesses and with various uses in addition to covering, prefer "ceramic tile."

  • time books

    Books in which hours spent on a job by workers are recorded. GAHLM.

  • time sheet

    A manual document that records the times an employee starts and finishes duty.

  • timepiece

    Device for measuring and recording the passage of time.

  • timetable

    A document showing the times of train departures and arrivals at stations and passing points, en route (cf. the Working Timetable).

  • tin

    Use for the pure metallic element having symbol Sn and atomic number 50; a soft, pliable, silvery white metal. Use also for this metal as processed and formed, usually in combination with other substances, to make various objects and materials.

  • tin - can

    Can made of tin plated metal, usual iron or steel.

  • tincture

    A solution of a medical substance (often a herb or natural plant material) in alcohol. Tinctures were commonly used as alternative medicines in the 1800s.

  • tine test

    a tuberculin test in which a disk with several tines bearing tuberculin antigen is used to puncture the skin; development of a hard red area indicates past or present exposure to tubercle bacilli and the need for further testing

  • tipstaff

    A staff with a metal tip or emblem, carried as a sign of office, now largely ceremonial.

  • tireford

    used in trephination

  • toast rack

    Racks with vertical partitions for holding and serving several (usually four to eight) slices of toast on edge.

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