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  • tetanus

    An acute infectious disease, affecting the nervous system. Infection generally occurs through contamination of a wound. Symptoms include a locked jaw, arching of the back or neck and the inability to urinate.

  • thalidomide

    A drug that was prescribed in the 1950s and 60s as a sedative for pregnant women. Thalidomide was supposed to relieve symptoms of morning sickness. However, it led to birth defects among babies, and was banned. Since 1998, the drug has been avaliable to treat other conditions, but its prescription is highly regulated.

  • The Incas

    The largest empire in Pre-Columbian America. Its origins lie in the city-state created by the Quechuan people based in the high Cuzco valley in Peru from the 1100s. The Incas conquered large areas of South America during the 1400s. The empire was itself conquered by the arrival of Spanish adventurers in the following century.

  • theatre cap

    worn by nursing and surgical staff during operations

  • theodolite

    Precision surveying instruments for measuring horizontal and sometimes vertical angles and consisting of a sighting telescope mounted so that it is free to rotate horizontally and vertically and accompanying graduated scales to measure the angle of rotation.

  • theodolite prism target

    Device used in conjunction with a theodolite in order to work out an angle.

  • theriac

    An ointment used as an antidote to snake venom or other poison.

  • thermal cycler

    A machine used for copying parts of DNA via the process of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

  • thermocouple

    Device that can generate an electrical current proportional to the amount of heat to which it is exposed. Thermocouples are a widely used temperature sensor in electrical engineering and industry.

  • thermometer

    Instruments for measuring temperature by utilizing the variation of the physical properties of substances according to their thermal states..

  • thermometers

    Instruments for measuring temperature by utilizing the variation of the physical properties of substances according to their thermal states. STEIN.

  • thermopile

    An instrument of extreme sensibility, used to determine slight differences and degrees of heat

  • Thomas splint

    A splint used to immobilise leg fractures to allow healing. It has a ring at the hip connecting to a cross-piece at the foot.

  • thorn

    A modified plant organ, especially a stem, that is stiffened and terminates in a sharp point. Has been used historically for medicinal purposes such as variolation or vaccination

  • thread gauge

    Device for measuring the pitch, major and minor diameters, lead, straightness, and thread angles of screw threads.

  • throat swab

    a wad of absorbent material usually wound around one end of a small stick and used for applying medication or for removing material from an area

  • thrush

    A yeast infection that affects the mouth, gut and vagina. Usual symptoms include redness, soreness and itching.

  • tic douloureux

    A stabbing pain in the forehead, nose, and scalp, caused by a disorder of the trigeminal nerve (a major nerve in the face).

  • ticket

    A printed piece of paper, card or a metal token which shows that the bearer has paid to travel on the train.

  • ticket dating press

    A device for applying the date of issue to pre-printed tickets.

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