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  • table - support furniture

    Article of furniture consisting of a flat, slablike top supported on one or more legs or supports.

  • table fork

    Large-size forks in a place setting, used for consuming the main course of a meal.

  • table knife

    Large size knives in a place setting, used for consuming the main meal.

  • table lamp

    Lamp with a relatively short stem making them suitable for standing on tables and other furniture. The term is especially used in reference to late 18th-century lamps designed to burn whale oil and burning fluid compounds, which generally maintain the traditional stemware divisions of top, stem, and foot and often resemble stemmed drinking glasses of the same period.

  • table spoon

    Large spoons, with a capacity three times the size of a teaspoon, used for serving or consuming foods and as a standard unit of measurement in recipes.

  • tablet

    taken for medicinal purposes

  • tablet making machine

    A machine for pressing and forming tablets.

  • tags

    Use for labels, usually of a stiff material, attached to an article by one end or otherwise loosely, and bearing some information relevant to the article.

  • tail lamp

    The red lamp displayed at the rear of the last vehicle of the train.

  • tailboard

    A gangway cover painted with the title and logo of a named passenger train.

  • tally

    A ticket or label for identification; a total score or an amount; A stick or rod, usually squared, marked on one side with transverse notches representing the amount of a debt or payment.

  • tamper (vehicle)

    An on-track machine used to compact the ballast under the sleepers.

  • tank wagon

    A vehicle with a large sealed container for carrying liquids or gases.

  • tankard

    A drinking-vessel, formerly made of wooden staves and hooped; now esp. a tall one-handled jug or mug, usually of pewter, sometimes with a lid: used chiefly for drinking beer.

  • tap - cutting tool

    Tool for forming internal screw threads

  • tap wrench

    Wrenches used to turn taps

  • tape measure

    Long, narrow, flexible strips of linen, steel, or wire-woven cloth graduated to measure distances and often stored coiled in a protective casing into which they can be rewound after use.

  • tape recorder

    Device on which sound is recorded onto magnetic tape, and may be replayed.

  • tar

    Inflammable blackish viscous liquid obtained by the distillation of wood or coal. As a constituent of cigarettes, tar is known to have cancer causing properties.

  • tattoo

    Marking the skin with a design by puncturing it and inserting pigment. On humans a tattoo is often a form of decoration, but on animals it is usually a form of marking or branding.

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