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  • silhouette

    Portraits and images on a contrasting background. Portraits are made from cut paper. Images showing no detail.

  • silicone implant

    An implant that is inserted into the body by surgery, typically to enhance a particular area (commonly breasts). Silicon is a synthetic material that remains unaltered by changes in temperature and is resistant to chemical attack.

  • silkworm

    Moth caterpillar that feeds chiefly on mulberry leaves. The common domesticated Bombyx mori is raised commercially for its silk cocoon

  • simple theodolite

    An early form of the theodolite for measuring only horizontal angles. Consists of full circular scale with movable alidade sight from which measurement is made. It is also fitted with a compass for orientation and fixed sights.

  • single eyeglass - quizzing

    Eyeglasses consisting of a single lens in frame with long handle, but without nosepiece, used to compensate for defective vision in one eye. Handle usually fitted with ring for carrying ribbon or cord.

  • single lens reflex camera

    A camera of 35mm or medium format in which a system of mirrors shows the user the image precisely as the lens renders it.

  • skeleton

    The bones or bony framework of an animal body considered as a whole; also, more generally, the harder (supporting or covering) constituent part of an animal organism.

  • sketch

    Rough or summary art works; less finished than studies. Though sketches are often in the drawing medium, the term 'drawing' in general implies more finished works than does 'sketch'.

  • skewer

    Pinlike utensil of wood or metal for fastening meat in a specific form while cooking. Also, similar but longer utensil used to pierce and hold food while cooking, as over a grill, or dipping in sauces, as fondue. Use "spits" for pointed rod for holding large pieces of meat and other food while cooking.

  • skin boat

    Watercraft constructed by stretching a flexible, waterproof membrane, such as skin or gut, over a light framework, typically of wood; some versions use cloth, which is waterproofed with an applied substance, such as pitch.

  • skin grafting

    A process to move skin from one part of the body to another. Usually carried out as treatment for burns or other extensive skin wounds.

  • skull

    The skeleton of the head of a vertebrate animal, including the brain case, or cranium, and the bones and cartilages of the face and mouth. The skull can be subdivided into two parts: the cranium and the mandible. The human skull is made up from 22 bones.

  • skull saw

    A saw used to cut through the skull. This was often used in preperation for brain surgery.

  • skyphos

    drinking cup

  • slab

    A broad, flat, thick piece of pottery or metal

  • sledgehammer

    Large heavy hammer that is usually wielded with both hands and used especially for driving stakes and breaking stone.

  • sleeping car

    A railway carriage equipped with beds and other facilities to enable passengers to sleep throughout their journey.

  • sleeping sickness

    A serious disease that is common in much of tropical Africa, transmitted by tsetse flies. Symptoms include fever, headache, lethargy, confusion, tremors, and loss of weight.

  • slide

    Positive transparencies in mounts suitable for projection, usually 35mm film in a mount of 2 by 2 inches.

  • slide projector

    An opto-mechanical device to view photographic slides.

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