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  • shoulder flash

    something worn on the shoulder of a military uniform as an emblem of a division etc.

  • shovel

    Tools consisting of a broad blade or scoop attached to a long handle; used for taking up, removing, or throwing loose matter, such as earth, snow, or coal.

  • shrapnel

    Fragments of shells, bombs or bullets.

  • shrine

    Originally a container, usually made of precious materials, used especially for a relic and often a cult image. Today it has come to mean a holy or sacred place that is visited by believers.

  • shunters horn

    An small wind instrument used as an audible device by the railway shunter to warn of danger.

  • shunters truck

    A railway truck, normally coupled to shunting locomotives for the use of shunting staff, employing low running boards, grab handles and boxes for lamps, scotches and chocks, used extensively on the Great Western Railway.

  • shunting pole

    A pole fitted with a special hook used for manual coupling/uncoupling of loose-coupled vehicles from the lineside.

  • sick siphon

    Scroll shaped silver tube with a hook on one side to attach it to a cup of liquid. The lower end is closed by a hinged and pierced cover to strain the food.

  • Siddha

    A medical practice based mainly in Tamil Nadu, India, that uses the pulse as one of its main diagnostic tool and treatments based on metals.

  • side discharge hopper wagon

    A hopper wagon with bottom doors arranged so as to discharge the load to the side (e.g. to deposit ballast alongside the track).

  • side plate

    A small plate usually used for bread.

  • SIDS

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexpected death of an infant of less than two years old. The term is only applied to a death that remains unexplained after post-mortem investigation.

  • sight developing apparatus

    apparatus designed to aid or improve sight or sight deficiencies, such as glasses or monacle.

  • sight testing apparatus

    Apparatus used in tests on sight

  • sign

    An entity that signifies another entity. Often a publicly displayed board giving information

  • sign - promotional or advertising artefact

    Lettered notice or other display that bear names, directions, warnings, advertisements, or symbols that are displayed or posted for public view. For smaller, less public identifying notices, use "labels (identifying artifacts)." For systems of signs arranged to communicate directions or essential information, use "signage."

  • signage

    Use for systems of posted signs arranged to communicate directions or essential information.

  • signal box

    A building housing equipment for operation of points and signals in a particular area or section of a route.

  • signal box nameboard

    A board attached to a signalbox showing the identification and location of the box.

  • signal finial

    An ornate embellishment to protect the open top of signal post.

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