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  • sepulchral slab

    Stone slab used to mark the site of a grave

  • sepulchral vase

    Piece of sepulchral sculpture in the form of a vase form part of a tomb

  • serrenoeud

    An instrument for tightening a ligature

  • sewing machine - equipment

    Any of various type of machine for sewing material such as textile or leather, usually having needle and shuttle to carry thread and powered by treadle, waterpower, or electricity.

  • sextant

    Navigational instruments used for measuring angular distances, especially the altitude of celestial bodies, in order to determine the longitude and latitude of ships at sea. By use of two plane mirrors angles of up to120 degrees can be measured using a 60 degree divided scale

  • sexually transmitted infection

    Any disease transmitted by sexual intercourse. STIs include HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea, some chlamydia infections and genital herpes.

  • shadow puppet

    Puppets devised to cast shadows on a white screen. Usually flat, often painted black or polychrome leather. Developed in China, Java and other east Asian countries.

  • share certificate

    Certificates of a corporation or joint stock company that a named person is owner of the designated number of shares of stock.

  • share list

    A list of closing share prices, published at the end of each working day.

  • shaving bowl

    Bowl used by barber or shaver,used either to collect blood from shaving cuts, or to rest razor during pauses in shaving.

  • sheep

    trial term

  • sheet music

    Music printed on unbound sheets of paper.

  • sheet music cover

    cover for sheet music

  • sherry glass

    Drinkware generally used for serving aromatic alcoholic beverages, such as sherry, port, aperitifs and liqueurs, and layered shooters. An ISO-standard sized sherry glass is 120 ml.

  • Shintoism

    The native religion of Japan. It involves the worship of spirits representing a place, a natural object or process, or the spirits of ancestors.

  • ships

    Use for watercraft generally larger and more seaworthy than boats; usually propelled by sails or engines.

  • shock absorbing wagon

    vehicle equipped with telescopic hydraulic buffers used for carrying sensitive loads.

  • shoe

    A durable covering for the human foot, made of leather or similar material with a rigid sole and heel, usually extending no higher than the ankle.

  • shop sign

    Use broadly for signs identifying places of business.

  • short-sightedness

    A defect of the eye where images are produced in front of the retina rather than on it. This causes object that are close to the viewer to appear blurred. Usually treated with glasses or corrective surgery.

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