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  • scoop

    A long handled spoon like instrument used for scraping parts of the body, or extracting foreign bodies.

  • score

    Original and entire drafts or transcripts of musical compositions or arrangements, with the parts of all the different instruments or voices written on staffs one above another, so that they can be read at a glance.

  • scraper

    Any of various tools used for scraping, producing a clean or a smooth finished surface, cutting grooves, or shaping objects by scraping away superfluous material.

  • screw die

    The die cuts a thread on a preformed cylindrical rod, which creates a male threaded piece which functions like a bolt

  • screwbarrel microscope

    A microscope that can be separated into many pieces and carried in a case.

  • screwdriver

    Hand tools with a handle and a shank with a tip shaped to fit the recess in the head of a screw; used to drive or remove screws.

  • screwjack

    A type of jack which is operated by turning a leadscrew.

  • scrofula

    A disease that leads to a swelling of the neck, and inflammations of the skin, bones and joints. It was once believed that the touch of a king could cure the disease, hence its alternative name: ‘King's Evil’.

  • scroll

    A roll, as of parchment or papyrus, used especially for writing a document.

  • scurvy

    Disease caused by a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is contained in fresh fruit and vegetables. Symptoms include weakness, painful joints, and bleeding gums.

  • seal - artefact

    Refers to artefact bearing monograms, writing, numbers, symbols, or designs in intaglio that are used for making an impression in relief on some soft, tenacious substance such as clay or wax. They may be flat or cylindrical, the impression made by rolling the seal over the surface. The term also refers to the impressions that have been made in wax, clay, or another soft material by the impact of a seal or other hard engraved surface. Seals are generally used to authenticate documents or for decoration.

  • seal impression

    Thin adhesive disk of dried paste, gelatin, adhesive paper, isinglass or similar material with added coloring matter and typically bearing an identifying mark, used to seal letters or other documents or to attach papers.

  • sedan chair

    Portable chair consisting of canvas hung on two long poles. Sedan chairs were sometimes used to transport the sick.

  • sedative

    Drugs used for their calming effect, to reduce anxiety and tension. At high doses they cause sleep.

  • seismograph

    Any of various instruments for measuring and recording vibrations in the earth.

  • seizure

    A sudden attack caused by a disorder, in particular a convulsion.

  • selenium

    A nonmetallic element obtained chiefly as a by-product in copper refining. WCOL9.

  • self-winding watch

    Watch that winds itself through movement of the wearer turning rotors, tipping weighted levers, or opening and shutting the case, or by electric motors

  • semisynthetic

    a substance that is prepared synthetically but derives from a naturally occurring material

  • septicaemia

    Blood poisoning caused by the spread of bacteria from an infection.

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