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  • sack barrow

    A two wheel barrow for conveying sacks, luggage and similar materials across the platform.

  • saddle tank locomotive

    A tank locomotive with water tank curved over the top of the boiler.

  • safe sex kit

    Set of items and information leaflets designed to encourage safe sex. Would include condoms and guide to their application as well as other information.

  • safety pin

    Pins for fastening separate articles, as garments, bent back on itself so as to form a spring, and with a guard or sheath to cover the point and prevent accidental unfastening.

  • safety rattle

    An audible device in which a wooden baton strikes against a ratchet when swung round. Used by lookouts as an alarm to warn track workers of the approach of a train.

  • safety valve

    A valve allowing excess pressure to escape from the locomotive boiler.

  • sailing ship

    Ship equipped with sails as its primary means of propulsion

  • sailing vessel

    Watercraft equipped with sails

  • salamander

    A type of amphibian found worldwide, except in Australia and the polar regions. It has an elongated body, a long tail and short legs.

  • salivette

    A trademarked device for saliva sampling.

  • salmonella

    A bacteria that inhabits the intestines of animals and humans, causing infection.

  • saloon

    A railway passenger carriage with an open internal layout.

  • Salvarsan kit

    Also known as Arsphenamine or 606, Salvarsan is a synthetic form of arsenic that is used to treat syphilis.

  • salver

    Flat, dishlike serving vessels, sometimes having a high stem, used for a variety of purposes, especially presentation of food or drink.

  • sample

    Individual units, segments, or small quantities taken as evidence of the quality or character of the entire group or lot

  • samples

    Individual units, segments, or small quantities taken as evidence of the quality or character of the entire group or lot. W.

  • sand wagon

    A wagon used for the conveyance of sand.

  • sand-glass

    Device to measure equal periods of time by the motion of sand or other free-flowing, fine-grained substances through a narrow aperture between two triangular or conical glass bulbs arranged mouth to mouth; probably introduced in the early 14th century and used then especially for timekeeping on board ships. Hour-glass or minute-glass are specific examples.

  • sanding block

    A block used to hold sandpaper, usually made of wood or cork.

  • sanitary reform

    Reforms designed to improve working and living conditions. In the 1800s these were particularly targeted at the working class population.

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