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  • permanent way gauge

    A tool for measuring the profile of a rail, rail key, fishplate or other permanent way component.

  • personal computer

    Desk-top or portable computers, based on a microprocessor and meant for a single user.

  • Personal Information Carrier

    A biometric card containing medical history and personal details of the carrier.

  • personal weigher

    weighing machine or device specifically for determing the weight of an individual person, usually but not always in a domestic environment. Characterised by weighing platform or chair, based on the steelyard lever principle (Distinct from bathroom scales)

  • pessary

    An object placed in the vagina and used to deliver medicine, as a contraceptive or as a muscle support.

  • pestle

    An elongated piece of hard material usually made of stone. A pestle is used for grinding pigments, herbs, spices or other materials in a mortar.

  • Petri dish

    A shallow dish used in science to grow micro-organisms. A Petri dish is circular, transparent and has a lid.

  • petrol locomotive

    An internal combustion driven locomotive powered by burning petrol.

  • pH and blood gas analyser

    A machine used to detect the pH level of blood. The pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide can also be measured.

  • phage typer

    A machine used to identify phages - a virus that attacks bacteria.

  • phallus

    An object shaped like a penis

  • pharmacology

    The branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects, and modes of action of drugs.

  • pharmacy

    The preparation and medicinal dispensing of drugs.

  • pharmacy cabinet

    Used to store equipment and drugs in a pharmacy

  • phenakistoscope

    Simple animation device, a predecessor to the zoetrope, which was simultaneously invented in 1831 by both Joseph Plateau in Belgium and Simon von Stampfer in Austria. It relies on the persistence of vision in viewing a rotating card to give the illusion of motion.

  • phenethicillin

    first commercially available semi synthetic penicillin

  • phlegm

    Mucus produced by the respiratory system, and expelled by coughing. Healthy phlegm is normally clear and white.

  • photogenic drawing

    Use for Talbot's process in which paper negatives were produced by printing out a silver image. Distinguished from "calotype," in which the image is developed. In the mid-19th century, sometimes used as a synonym of photography.

  • photograph

    Refers to still images produced from radiation-sensitive materials (sensitive to light, electron beams, or nuclear radiation), generally by means of the chemical action of light on a sensitive film, paper, glass, or metal.

  • photograph album

    Use for a collection of a series of photographs, generally in a book, or for a device which hold a series of photographs.

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