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  • pay envelope

    An envelope, often perforated, that is used to make cash payments to employees.

  • pay tin

    A storage device (usually metal) into which an employee's wages would be dispensed to await collection. Often bears the employee's name or number or occupation.

  • pedigrees

    Charts or lists showing lineage, especially those showing the ancestors of purebred animals. AHD.

  • pedometer

    Instruments that record the number of paces taken when walking or running and, when adjusted for an individual's pace length, can provide a rough measure of the distance travelled.

  • peep show

    Optical toys that give the illusion of depth and action by the use of one or more magnifying lenses or mirrors set in a boxlike enclosure and viewed through a small opening on one end.

  • pen - drawing and writing

    Hand-held instrument for writing or drawing with a colored fluid such as ink. A pen generally comprises a handle or holder and a pointed tip for distributing the fluid on the drawing surface. The term may also refer to an instrument for machine-controlled writing or drawing with ink.

  • pencil - drawing and writing equipment

    Rods of a marking substance, enclosed in wood, plastic, or metal, and used for writing or drawing.

  • pendant

    Hanging articles of jewellery, usually suspended from a necklace, but also includes Renaissance examples fastened to the sleeve often worn as decorative ornaments; can also be an article of devotional, magical, or mourning jewelry which then may sometimes be concealed under clothing.

  • pendulum balance - scales

    Type of balance weighing scale, which is self-indicating, that works on the principle a pivoted off-set beam being displaced by a set amount against a set mass. The so-called pendulum can than be used to indicate the weight from the vertical against a moving scale or through linkages to a fixed one. Often used for postal scales.

  • pendulum clock

    Any type of clock whose timekeeping is regulated by the swinging movement of a pendulum

  • penicillin

    The first antibiotic drug to treat infections which is made from the mould penicillium. Its discovery is attributed to Alexander Fleming in 1928.

  • penicillium mould

    A collective growth of penicillium caused by bacteria. This was how penicillin was first discovered and grown by Alexander Fleming.

  • pennies

    English coins of silver, derived from Roman denarii, issued from the late 8th to the 17th century and then of copper or bronze from the 18th century until 1967, when they were replaced by a new decimal penny; for equivalent French silver coins introduced in the 8th century, use "deniers."

  • percolators

    Coffeepots in which boiling water rising through a tube is repeatedly deflected downward through a perforated basket containing ground beans to extract their essence. W.

  • percussion

    Practice where a doctor taps on parts of the patient’s body with his fingers or an instrument called a plessor. The resulting sounds and vibrations reveal the presence of fluid or tissue that has hardened.

  • percussor

    A small hammer, usually with soft rubber head, used to tap the body directly, in percussion of the chest or other part.

  • perfusion pump

    used for artifical perfusion

  • period

    Common term for vaginal bleeding, which happens once a month as part of a female's menstrual cycle. Periods usually last from one to five days and begin when a girl reaches puberty.

  • periodical

    A magazine or journal that is published at various intervals.

  • permanent way callipers

    A pair of hinged arms for measuring small distances (e.g. rail web thickness).

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