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  • ophthalmic instrument set

    Group of instruments used by surgeons to perform ophthalmic operations, which are operations that deal with the visual pathways (usually the eyes or brain)

  • ophthalmic lens

    lenses for spectacles, devices to compensate for defective vision or to protect the eyes from light, dust, and the like, consisting usually of two lenses set in a frame that includes a nosepiece for resting on the bridge of the nose and which may also have two sidepieces extending over or around the ears.

  • ophthalmology

    The branch of medicine dealing with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways (usually the eyes or the brain).

  • ophthalmoscope

    An instrument for viewing the interior of the eye, particularly the retina. Light is shone into the eye via a mirror (usually concave) and then examined with or without the aid of a lens. Invented by by Hermann Von Helmholtz in 1850

  • opium

    A drug derived from the opium poppy. It has been used to cause sleep and provide pain relief for many centuries.

  • opium pipe

    An opium pipe is a pipe designed for the vaporization and inhalation of opium. True opium pipes allow for the drug to be vaporized while being heated over a special oil lamp known as an opium lamp. It is thought that this manner of "smoking" opium began in the seventeenth century when a special pipe was developed that vaporized opium instead of burning it.

  • optical instruments

    A device used to observe and/or measure light. It can give an enhanced image for viewing or scientific analysis.

  • optical puzzle

    puzzle that is solved using an optical illusion

  • optical quadrant - measuring device

    Instrument for measuring altitude, usually consisting of a graduated arc of 90 degrees, a pair of optical sights, and a plumb bob.

  • optical toy

    Toys that provide visual stimulus and entertainment through a variety of optical principles, such as persistence of vision, image projection or other optical effects and demonstrations.

  • optics

    A branch of physics that deals with the properties and behaviour of both visible and invisible light. The field includes the generation, transmission, and detection or perception of light.

  • optometer

    An instrument for measuring the refractive properties of the eye

  • optometry

    The professional practice of eye and vision care. Optometry includes the correction of visual defects with lenses or glasses.

  • oral contraceptive pill

    A drug containing hormones, taken to stop pregnancy.

  • oral rehydration salts

    A cheap and effective treatment for dehydration. The salts are usually a solution of sugar and salts taken orally. They are used in the developing world to save children from death by diarrhoea.

  • order

    The condition in which each thing is clearly distinguished and properly disposed with reference to other things, and performs its proper function.

  • order of service

    A document outlining the order of events in a service. Usually used in church related ceremonies.

  • orders

    Documents containing directives or commands issued by a military superior to a subordinate.

  • orrery

    Mechanical models of the solar system that demonstrate the movements of some or all of the planets around the sun, sometimes also of moons around their planets, in their correct relative periods, by means of an elaborate, usually clockwork, system. For the buildings housing devices used to project celestial images or for the mechanisms themselves, use "planetaria."

  • orthopaedic boot

    Type of footwear for the easing or correction of club foot or other deformities of the feet.

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