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  • microphone

    Devices that convert acoustical sound waves into corresponding variations in electrical current that are then amplified, transmitted, or recorded.

  • microscope

    Instrument that provides a magnified view of an object being studied usually by optical means. Electrons, X-rays and ultra-violet light can be used instead of visible light

  • microscopical preparation

    slides prepared for examination under the microscope

  • microscopy

    The use of microscopes to study objects or samples. The three major types of microscopy are optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy.

  • microsurgery

    Reconstructive surgery on small body parts. Microsurgery is performed under magnification using delicate instruments and precise techniques.

  • microtome

    An instrument used to cut thin sections of biological material so that they can be examined under a microscope.

  • midwife

    A person, usually a woman who assists during childbirth. Historically, many midwives learnt through experience rather than formal training.

  • midwifery

    The medical speciality for women who help during childbirth, as well as the period before and immediately afterwards.

  • migration

    Moving from one country, region, or place to settle in another. W.

  • mile post

    A post set at quarter mile intervals measuring the distance along the railway line.

  • military medal

    A military medal is a decoration given to military personnel or units for heroism in battle or distinguished service. They are designed to be worn on military uniform.

  • milk jug

    Vessel designed for holding and serving milk, especially for medium-sized pitchers having a handle and a spout or lip and sometimes a lid; usually made as part of a tea service; originating in the early 18th century. For containers for holding and serving cream, especially small pitchers, use "cream jug."

  • milk tank wagon

    A railway vehicle dedicated to the carriage of milk in bulk.

  • milk van

    A railway van for transporting milk in churns.

  • mill

    A machine or device that reduces a solid or coarse substance into pulp or minute grains by crushing, grinding, or pressing

  • mineral

    In nutrition, naturally occuring substances that are an important dietary element

  • mineral wagon

    vehicle purpose designed for the conveyance of minerals, particularly coal, iron ore etc.

  • miniature camera

    General term applied to any 35mm camera or smaller.

  • minim measure

    used to measure a minim - one sixteenth of a drachm, equivalent to one drop of water; unit of volume , specifically 1/60th of a fluidram or 1/480th of a fluid ounce. Used 1824-1963 in the United Kingdom; 1963 Weights and Measures Act provided for the abolition of the minim

  • mining dial

    Special form of magnetic compass, a type of circumferentor, with naked-eye or telescopic sights that is used in mine surveying. Usually fitted with vertical graduated scales for measuring inclination.

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