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  • launches

    Use for the largest ships' boats during the 19th and 20th centuries, typically heavily built, beamy, and carvel-planked, originally used for carrying cargo and men and usually 16 feet to 34 feet in length, with a beam about one-third the length, and with a relatively straight stem and square stern; has come to be used for motorized small boats of the same general size and shape. When referring to the largest ships' boats of the 18th century and earlier, use "longboats."

  • laundry iron

    instrument, not metal

  • lavatory paper

    Paper for cleansing oneself after defacation or urination

  • lavatory seat cover

    Covers used to place over public toilet seats for personal hygiene.

  • laxative

    An agent that acts to encourage evacuation of the bowels

  • leaflet

    Use for small printed works consisting of one sheet folded and not stitched or bound. For larger printed works, but generally of fewer than 80 pages, often with paper covers, use "pamphlets."

  • lecture notes

    Use for notes made with reference to a lecture, both those from which the lecturer speaks, and those taken by people in attendance.

  • lectures

    Documents containing the text of expositions of a given subject delivered before an audience or class, especially for the purposes of instruction.

  • ledger

    Volumes of final entry in accounting in which are entered debits, credits, and all other money transactions under each individual account or heading.

  • leech

    A type of worm that possesses suckers at both ends of its body. Formerly widely used for letting blood, the medicinal leech may now be used following microsurgery to encourage the growth of new capillaries. Leeches are found in tropical forests, grasslands and in water.

  • leech box

    Box for containing and/or transporting leeches.

  • leech jar

    Jar for keeping leeches in with pierced cover

  • lenticular

    Referring to or shaped like a lentil, such as the lens of the eye

  • leper clapper

    A type of rattle that people with leprosy were forced to carry in the 1600s. The noise made by the clapper warned people to avoid the infected person.

  • leprosy

    A chronic disease that affects the skin, mucous membrane and nerves. It is now confined mainly to the tropics and is transmitted by direct contact. Previously a widely feared disease, leprosy is not highly infectious.

  • lesion

    An abnormal structural change in a body part

  • letter

    Pieces of correspondence that are somewhat more formal than memoranda or notes, usually on paper and delivered.

  • letter - correspondence

    Pieces of correspondence that are somewhat more formal than memoranda or notes, usually on paper and delivered.

  • letterheads

    Printed headings on stationery, especially business stationery, and usually giving the name and address of the business or institution.

  • letterpress

    The contents of an illustrated book other than the illustrations; printed matter relating to illustrations; printing raised from raised type, not from lithography or any other planographic process.

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