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  • label

    Pieces of paper, leather, fabric, or small tablets inscribed and affixed to something for identification or description. In the context of bookbinding, refers specifically to paper or other material separate from that used to cover a book, on which the author's name and the title are printed or engraved and glued to the spine or front board.

  • laboratory

    Rooms, buildings, or groups of buildings equipped with apparatus for scientific experiments or other research, testing, and investigations.

  • laboratory apparatus

    A term used to refer to any equipment commonly used in a scientific laboratory. Includes flasks, beakers, test tubes and measuring cylinders.

  • lacquer

    A varnish that dries by the process of evaporation to provide a hard, protective finish.

  • lactic

    relating to milk

  • lactometer

    A type of hydrometer for measuring lactose sugars in milk.

  • ladder

    A portable structure consisting of two long sides crossed by parallel rungs, used to climb up and down.

  • ladle

    Spoonlike utensil with a deep bowl and a relatively long handle used for lifting, conveying, or serving cream, soup, punch, or other liquid food.

  • lamp - lighting device

    Lighting device having a vessel to contain the source of illumination, such as grease or oil; also those that have a separate energy source to which they are connected, such as gas or electricity.

  • lamp bracket

    The vertical tongues of steel fitted at various points around the front and rear of railway vehicles to hold head lamps, discs and tail lamps.

  • lancet

    A surgical instrument of various forms, commonly sharp-pointed and two-edged, used in venesection (the act of opening a vein for bloodletting), and in opening abscesses.

  • lancets

    A surgical instrument of various forms, commonly sharp-pointed and two-edged. The lancet is used in venesection (the act of opening a vein for bloodletting), and in opening abscesses.

  • lantern - lighting device

    Lighting devices, fixed or portable, designed to protect and enclose the light source, usually with sides of glass, horn or pierced metal, allowing light to emerge and often having a supporting frame or carrying handle.

  • lantern slide

    Transparent positive images, hand-made or photographic, mounted on glass for projection, sizes typical encountered, 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 by 4 inches (85x90mm)

  • larva

    The newly hatched, wingless, often wormlike form of many insects before their transition to an adult form.

  • laryngeal syringe

    syringe used to apply medications and treatments to the larynx

  • laryngoscope

    An instrument used to examine the larynx

  • larynx

    An organ in the neck of mammals involved in protection of the trachea (windpipe) and sound production.

  • lathe

    A machine used for turning and shaping metal or wood.

  • laudanum

    A herbal preparation of opium. It is made by mixing ethanol with opium. In the 1800s, laudanum was prescribed by many doctors to reduce pain and aid sleep.

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