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  • kantharos

    A variation of ancient Greek pottery used for drinking. A Kantharos has handles that reach higher than the side of the pot.

  • keepsake

    An object intended to act as a reminder of the giver or original owner.

  • kettle

    A lineside boiler for filling early locomotive boilers directly with hot water.

  • kettle - vessel

    Large wide metal vessel used for boiling or cooking, having a bail handle and sometimes a lid or small feet.

  • key - hardware

    The removable actuating devices of locks. For hand tools used for opening and closing devices other than locks and that do not have a jaw and do not fit into screws, use "keys (adjusting equipment)."

  • keyboard

    To refer to key panel on a computer or typewriter.

  • keying hammer

    A special large headed hammer used for knocking rail keys into place between the rail and the rail chair.

  • keyring

    Use for ring, usually metal, in circular or other form, designed to hold keys, often with a decorative key fob attached.

  • keystones

    The central wedge-shaped voussoirs in arches or vaults; also, similar elements used as ornaments on the heads of doors or windows. JJIGA.

  • kidney dialysis machine

    A machine used to artificially replicate the function of the kidneys.

  • kidney dish

    A kidney-shaped dish, especially one used in surgery. Usually used to receive soiled dressings and medical waste. Reusable dishes are made from stainless steel, whereas disposable dishes are made from pulped material. Every year more than 100 Million pulp kidney dishes are used in hospital and in the home. (world-wide)

  • Kinora viewer

    A device, based on the flicker book principal, which created the illusion of a moving image through the viewing of a rapid succession of still images. Home viewers, which came in a 'stand' form, allowed the user to turn a handle, whilst looking through an eyepiece. The device was invented by the Lumiere Company, in 1897, and became popular in Britain after its reintroduction, by the British Kinora Company, in 1908.

  • kitchenware

    Equipment or containers for kitchen use, as cutlery and cookware.

  • knife

    A (usually) metal blade used as a cutting tool with usually one long sharp edge fixed rigidly in a handle or a hinged case.

  • knife grinder

    used to sharpen surgical knives

  • kohl container

    Any vessel or container used to hold cosmetic powders, used in Africa and the East

  • krater

    An ancient Greek vessel for mixing wine and water.

  • kymograph

    An instrument for measuring, and recording graphically, the pressure of the blood in the blood vessels of a living animal.